Installation Support

Our experienced technicians are here to help you every step of the way during the installation process. We offer comprehensive installation support to ensure that your performance chip is installed correctly and functioning at its best.

Step-by-Step Guides

Installing a performance chip in your car is a way to make it go faster and work better. Here are the steps to follow, making it easy for you to install your chip with confidence:


Start Your

Look for the OBD-2 port under the driver-side dashboard.


Check if the OBD-2 port is dirty. Clean it out if needed.


Put the performance chip into the OBD-2 port.

Hold down the SYNC/RESET button on the front of the chip for 15 seconds.


Drive your car like you normally would for at least 150 miles. This will make sure the performance chip is working correctly.

Important Tips:

  • The performance chip must stay plugged in to work.
  • The lights on the performance chip show it's working.
  • You can use regular gas with the chip, but using better gas can make your car work even better.
  • If you want to take the chip out, turn off the car and unplug it. Your car will go back to normal.

Expert Assistance:

If you require additional support during the installation process, our team of experts is just an email away.
Don't hesitate to Contact Us for personalized assistance.